Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Day 1, Saturday- Blood and glazing

After a calm afternoon of child-rearing involving:
  • Numerous fights over god-knows what
  • Three complete meltdowns
  • Two meals consisting of nothing but hot dogs
  • And a PowerPuff Girls DVD

I was ready to start. Hell, I was ready to eat my own liver. No idea how the wife does it day after day. I can tell you- I kinda identify with Andrea Yates. I don’t condone killing your kids, think it is wrong, yadda yadda, but I understand were it comes from...

Anyway, after getting started very late, and lacking electricity, I took pictures and replaced broken window panes.

Fixed windowWant to know what is worse than plumbing? Fixing windows. Broken glass, rock hard clay ("glazing" I love them technical words) and old wood all wrapped in a pretty ER visit package.

Imagine a project where you get to bleed. Not a little, but lots. Like “holy shit, I think that was an artery” kind of bleeding. Just for being dumb enough to not hire someone else to do it.

With plumbing, if things go bad, the worst you have is a flood. When fixing windows, things can go bad enough that you get a closed-casket funeral.

Then, when you are all done, you get to wash a window. Whee. Nobody notices fixed windows, so you don't even get a "atta boy" from the wife. The problem is that people expect windows. They expect clean, clear windows without broken glass or bloodstains.

People are spoiled.

For the record- things go slower when you have to maintain direct pressure on a serious laceration. You can still work, but it takes some doing.

Total costs: $147


At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Wende said...

GOOD JOB on the windows. I notice them! (and the fact mine need to be cleaned ever so desperately, doesn't escape me either. However, climbing to the third story windows kinda scares me a bit). Anyhow... woohoo, YOU. :)


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