Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Day 25, Tuesday- Fair Warning

I spent the evening driving around town in a fire truck checking out various buildings. Yeah- I know how to drive fire trucks. Even scarier, they let me.

So, if:

  • You are a man wearing a beret
  • You have ever lived in a tree to keep the big bad loggers away
  • You look aggravated when I sound the air horn to get your stupid cell-phone using butt out of my way
  • You think that showers are optional
  • You honestly believe that you deserve something just for breathing
  • You think that you have every right to continue breeding, regardless of the past results

This is your fair warning:

  • I have an obligation to the gene pool to run your dumb ass over

Anyway, we went inside of the lobby of the John Jacob Astor building and checked it out by flashlight. Pretty cool. Makes me feel better about my current workload.

So, in short, I did nothing other than wander around. I'm pretty happy about that.

So there.

Total costs: $1,890


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