Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Day 11, Tuesday- A day of rest.

The other responsibilities in my life did not just go away when I bought the house. Besides, I need at least one day a week away from everything. A little rest will be good. It will give me some time for paint to dry, plaster to cure- a little time to rest the body and relax a little.

So I went to fire training tonight. Dragged large diameter hose, drove an engine, ran a pump- you know, I relaxed. Only, I did it in turnouts.

There is something really wrong with me. Relaxing for most people does not include sweating though their clothes and working until their shoulders hurt. I, however, feel great.

I can not completely say I stayed away. I did go to the house and fix the plaster problems. Took about an hour and I kept my work clothes on.

Total costs: $1,028


At 12:56 AM, Blogger Miss Sassy said...

I can't breathe.
I've had to run for the potty TWICE today catching up on your antics.
I am SO thrilled you guys got the house, and hearing the play-by-play of the neighbors watching you dance and the J.W.s getting scared off and the family minivan lowridin through town and the MADNESS that is your relaxation and one liners...

If I could stop my addiction to the scroll bar, I would have commented on every day, but alas, you'll catch me on the next one.

Heard you got more than training tonight. Are you keeping a day job with this schedule? I thought keeping a smile on for the gymrats was tough work; you've corrected my p.o.v. Yet Again.
Like HS all over - Tom proves that I am a silver spooned chica, and I agree with egg on my face.


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