Thursday, August 03, 2006

Day 6, Thursday- Yea! Paint!

I spent my day preparing the walls for fresh new paint. Went out and purchased a couple of tubes of caulk, a new ladder, and other such niceties.

So I spent the morning prepping walls. I filled cracks with caulk (that sounds so dirty), plugged holes (also kinda kinky sounding), and sanded walls. I also took care of Asia and other damaged walls using the magic of "feathering."

Now, if you’re like me, you should probably be committed. At the same time, however, when you hear “feathering” you think of 80’s hair bands and mullet’s o’ plenty. I actually listened to Eddie Money and Poison while “feathering” (I really like that word) the walls, thus forever cementing the association.

I really need pharmaceutical help.

Anyhow, in my travels and purchases I made the big score of the day. Two gallons (each a different color) of Dutch Boy dirt fighter on clearance at Fred Meyer’s for $5 each. For folks who are bad at math, that is a really good deal.

One of the colors is a rather nice, rich brown with very warm tones. This is being used in the entry.

The other color is a ghastly, retina-searing, brain damaging, Pepto-Bismol pink. I mean damn, I don’t think the kids will be able to sleep in there, as this shit is practically audible.

Of course, the little girls love it. Oh well. At least it was cheap.

After working at the house until 8:00 pm or so, I return home to a panicked message from the Mortgage broker. Seems I replaced the wrong window.

Let me clarify- I fixed the window that led into the HOUSE. They wanted the windows on the PORCH fixed. Whatever. I guess I misinterpreted “securing” the house. So, by 10, I was home again. I wasn’t even bleeding. My neighbors may think I’m a meth freak, but at least my dryer sheets will be safe.

I love strange crap like that.

Total costs: $467


At 11:39 PM, Blogger Mom of Three said...

My hair was, like, totally feathered in the 80s.


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