Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Day 4, Tuesday- Baby, shake that brass.

Tonight, I made the rather innocent mistake of sitting down before heading over to the freestanding time sink.

Four hours later, I woke up to screaming, heartache, and discontent- something about children beating each other or stealing toys or some other such thing. When bleary-eyed and still wearing your work clothes, the last thing you want is excuses, you just want quiet.

So, I sat down at the table to a bunch of wall-candy (lead-based paint) covered brass with an assortment of tools and just got busy. The kids simply can not scream louder than my trusty Dremel tool. (My wife can, but I have a note from my doctor that says I can’t hear it when girls talk. I think she finds it easier to just go along.)

It took two hours, I actually managed to accomplish something, well, shiny.

Tomorrow, I will return to my own little time sink. Perhaps it is back-breaking mind-numbing labor, but at least it is nice and quiet.

Total costs: $335


At 11:19 AM, Blogger Amma Ancy said...

OOOH, shiny!!


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