Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day 24, Monday- Midnight Run

Off to Longview, yet again, for supplies. I needed bathroom floor tile, Hardibacker, and a list of other such items. So the wife picked me up at work and away we went. How often do I trek down there? Well, the paint girl knows my name.

For the most part, the evening was uneventful; Carrie even got the floor tile she wanted. It took some time between dinner, Lowes and Home Depot, but we were able to head home at a reasonable hour.

On the way home, with the van loaded like a return trip to the fat farm from Home Town Buffet (that would be riding loooooowwwww), I heard a familiar voice chirp up from the back seat.

“I wanna play ‘What am I?’ Ask a question,” Abby demanded.

“Oh, you’re awful at this game,” said Madeline.

“Am not. Ask a question.” I could almost hear her little fists balling up.

Maddie sighed deeply then asked, “OK, what are you?”

“I’m a pony!” She answered.

Maddie groaned loudly. “See? That’s not how you play; I’m supposed to ask more questions….”

“You’re just really good at this game. Try again.” Abby interrupted.

“I’m not gonna play,” Maddie replied, "you're awful at this game." She turned and looked out the window.

This was about to go badly. Abby is not big on being blown off. "Why don’t you kids play hide-and-seek?” I offered from the driver’s seat.

Maddie groaned. Dad, we’re in the car.”

Abby piped up, very excited. “I’ll play.”

OK- I’m hiding! Where am I?” I asked.

“In the driver’s seat!” Squealed Abby.

“That’s right! OK, I’m hiding again- in my imagination…”

“Are you in the driver’s seat?” asked Maddie.

“No, he said in his imag-i-na-tion. Duh. Abby then faced forward and called out, “Are you outside the car?”

“Yes, yes I am.” I answered. "You got me again. You're very good at this game."

Abby looked at her sister and said, “See, you’re awful at this game.”

Total costs: $1,890


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