Sunday, August 27, 2006

Day 30, Sunday- Everyday Surprises

So, the finger has new colors today, is numb, and has swollen so much that my skin is actually taunt. The whole numb thing, whilst convenient, is a bit alarming. I’m thinking I might need to visit the doctor about this. Maybe in a few days.

I went to work tiling and painting the bathroom, and got about half-way finished. Even getting that much done was tough.

The wife came over to help out. I asked her to paint the ceiling in the boy’s room. She started rolling, then stopped and demanded safety glasses. She is such a sissy.

I stopped tiling and searched for the glasses. I found them hidden in a closet. She went back to work rolling the ceiling. She called again. The roof was peeling off under the roller.


I stopped tiling and started scraping the ceiling. Near as I can tell, dog urine soaked through the ceiling from the floor upstairs. That was a grand job. I scraped a 150 square foot ceiling with a 1 inch spatula (nothing else worked.) While I did this, the wife puttered around, doing miscellaneous chores.

Including vacuuming the carpet. Yeah, the stuff that is getting torn up and thrown away,

Sigh. Beats watching cartoons, and at least there were no surprises.

At that time the girls announced that they were hungry. The wife went and got a ‘take and bake” pizza which we ate on the front porch (I almost had to cut it up with a box opener, but found a real knife at the last minute.)

We spent another couple of hours listening to the baby scream while she spread paint and I laid tile.

Three more days until we move.

Uh oh.

Total costs: $2,368


At 11:03 PM, Anonymous Wende said...

What? I thought you two had until the 5th?

At 11:42 PM, Blogger Oregon Coast said...

Nope, the 5th is when we have to turn this place back over for a deposit, we hope. That's on a Wednesday. Since we can't beg, borrow or plead with anyone to watch the kids and help move on a weekday (i.e. take a vacation day), we move next Saturday. We're screwed.

In other news, I simply vacuumed a path through the living room, then proceeded to vacuum the baseboards so I could paint them.

At 12:07 AM, Anonymous wende said...

ACK--We are busy tomorrow night, but can pitch in later in the week. Let us know what we can do. We can always drop BW with you and IZ and I can come paint or pack boxes... :)

At 11:51 PM, Blogger Miss Sassy said...

looken good from here - its always about the last little bits that make it go from a workplace to a finished product.


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