Sunday, November 12, 2006

Getting Started (Again)

Time to get to work. I’ve pretty much just sat around letting the dust settle since we moved in.

Now, I’ve hung curtains, and I’ve spread a little paint. I haven’t, as the kids say, gotten busy. Or is it biz-ey? Yeah, whatever.

I finally realized that it was time to get started again. It wasn't the wife or kids that spurred me back into action, it was an email. See, a job opportunity came up.

Yes, I have a job, and yes I am good there. The money, however, was rather nice. It was a big fat carrot with really good benefits that was suddenly dangled out before me.

I wasn’t serious about taking the job, but more importantly, I really couldn’t take it.

That was my problem. If I sold the house now, it would be rather stupid. A couple of dollars more and a bit more work and this place would be worth much more.

I do not like being tethered by things. That is what has happened. I have been tethered here by this house.

So, I ordered flooring.

Yep, it is the cheap stuff. Will it look good? Yes. Will it add to the value of the house? Definitely. Will it break that tether?


That is the goal. I may very well live here for thirty years. Or not. It will, however, be my decision and not the result of an object’s condition.

So, it is time to get started. Again.


At 4:30 PM, Blogger Miss Sassy said...

Just don't forget your baggage if you flee.
Did I mention everything I own can fit in the smallest Uhaul without being filled to the top??
Kinda nice not to be tied down; to stay by choice.
I totally hear you on this.
Though I'm still waiting for my dangling carrot...


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