Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The End, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

She did it. She put her foot down and said it was time to move. She said I was done enough.

She said it was time.

So, we rented a van and started to move.

Dave and Michelle and Vance and Jack and George and Wend-E came to help, and she went bowling with the brownies (a prior engagement from weeks past).

We moved all the stuff. Even the albatross (the huge television that my wife loves more than most people) was moved.

We picked up all the debris (at the end raking the ground with our fingers) and played a freakish Frisbee-like game with an old toilet ring. Vance wanted to make candles from the wax on the ring and sell it to the tourists at the Sunday market (smells like yesterday's dinner!)

Dave soiled his truck and trailer with disgusting dump mud that you can still smell.

We moved two refrigerators, one which tried to make a run to the river down 16th street.

Thus, with the help of people who were far too good to us, we moved into the house, but we aren’t exactly moved in.

We are in our home, but we aren’t quite at home. That will come later, when the boxes are gone and the aches have faded.

That, as they say, is that. Or maybe not.

Total costs: $2,500