Monday, February 19, 2007

Busy Day(s)

So, I took five days in a row off work, and decided to get a couple of things do around the house. I chilled out on Thursday, spread a little mud on Friday, goofed off all day Saturday (then textured).

Neat trick for those of you who do remodel stuff- put your trim up and caulk it BEFORE you paint the walls. This will help the new construction blend in with the old a little easier.

Sunday morning, however, I got off my slacking butt and got to work. I went to town and got some coffee and baseboard, then I started up.

First, I fixed the doors in the entryway, as well as repainted the wall (above the picture rail) and ceiling.
Then, I put a door and trim over the ugly hole leading to the "Harry Potter" room. A trip to City Lumber and even the doorknob matched. I also installed the new baseboard and other trim. I painted the rest of the new hallway and got started painting all the trim. By now, it was almost noon so my bride emerged from the bedroom with the tiny teething insominac in tow. She was greeted by a new, freshly painted hallway (I even covered the crayon marks.)
I moved on to the dining room. Much caulking, painting and masking tape ensued. After sixteen hours and five different colors of paint (and only two paint trays- lots of washing), I called it a day.
Monday I had a house full of children, so I wasn't quite as productive. I hung the pocket door (it is temporary.) I then cut a steel rod to use as a curtain rod, and hung a curtain to block the view to the attic.Finally, I finished laying the flooring while keeping an eye on seven little kids and keeping the wine glasses full for two rather tired Moms.

As they say- "Ta-Dah!"

Oh yes, I nearly forgot. I finally went through the receipt box.

Total costs: $4,967