Saturday, July 07, 2007

Attic Archeology

Got to work on the attic today- mostly demolition work.

I tore the boards off the walls to reveal:

Me booty!

No, the stuff in front of her. We found:

  • An Oregonian from November 20, 1942 with news of the Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal- carefully censored by the War Department, details on the mass poisoning at the state hospital in Salem, as well as a several old advertisements- everything from Fred Meyer and Meier and Frank to War Bonds, rationing news, and Recruitment.
  • The “Golden West Coffee” cans
  • A Union Club whiskey bottle.
  • A can for Snowflake shortening.
  • A can of “Fire Weed” honey produced by C. W. Pilkenton of Jewell, Oregon
  • A porcelain over tin wash basin
  • A Portland Telegram from June 14, 1919 featuring news of Capt. Alcock and Lieutenant Brown’s attempt to cross the Atlantic, a notice that “War Will Be Resumed Next Week if Huns Balk,” and a full-page Mutt and Jeff comic (“Jeff’s Theory Was All Right”
  • A June, 1919 copy of the Astoria Catholic Monthly.

Time to fire up the ol' eBay account.