Sunday, May 27, 2007

Such a nice man…..

Held what turned out to be the first day of two in our Yard Sale today.

We hardly had any visitors. Of course, there was exactly a lot of advertising, either.

So, we’ll continue tomorrow, because my motto is “if it goes poorly, keep banging your stupid head into the wall.”

How slow was it? Slow enough that I mowed the yard, then poor, wounded ankle-having neighbor Meg’s yard. That went fairly well, as the grass was only knee-high.

Then, I decided to mow Donna’s yard for her.

Waist high grass is a whole different animal. I didn’t need a mower, I needed Agent Orange.

So, I busted out the weed-eater of ridiculous power- the one that I purchased when I owned five acres of buck-brush, Scott’s broom, and pine trees.

I was going to sell in the yard sale of perpetual slowness. It was then that I realized - sometimes you just need a 4-stroke 1.5 HP brush-cutting, string trimmer strapped to your back. Even on a 50’ x 100’ city lot. So, it stays.

I weed-whacked, brush-cut, mowed, raked (lightly), then used the blower.

I told them both- I'll mow for free, but they have to rake.

As a bonus, my activities today have cemented what my neighbors would say about me if, say, I snap and start shooting people from the top of the John Jacob Astor Building.

“He was such a nice young man, we never saw it coming.”

Except Meg, who would say “Did he hit any former theater board members?”